I have lots of jokes in my inbox,
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     It will take lot of time.
     So im sending you just one joke...
     "You are Very"SMART".

Santa: Whts d guarantee 4 this mirror?
Shopkeeper: Throw down frm 100 ft hite,
d mirror will not break till 99 ft.!
Santa: WOW.! Thats great. Pack it

Patient.:- Aapne nurse bahut achhi rakhi hai
uska hath lagte hi main theek ho gaya
Doctor-janta hun, chaante ki awaz mujhe bhi sunai di thi....

Accident took place.Crowd gathered.
Sardar reporter couldnt get in.
Clever Sardar cried-Mera bapu.
Crowd made way 4him
bt it was a donkey's accident.


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